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About Me


You've reached the website of Aleks Ozolins. I'm a NJ/NYC based software engineer and professional musician. Please check back often for content updates.

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  • Download my public GPG key here or curl -sL | gpg --import to download and import.

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This site is self-hosted on an old PC running Arch Linux BTW. The source code for can be found on GitHub. This site was built using Org Mode. The theme used here is darksun by alphapapa.


I play the French horn professionally and am a member of The American Federation of Musicians - Local 802

I also occasionally do audio recording and engineering work and also play the piano/keyboard.

Email me for my performance résumé.


Below are commercial recordings I've had a hand in, either as a performer, or as part of the production process.

Year Album Role
2021 Spellling - The Turning Wheel engineer/editor/producer for brass tracks
2021 Calliope Brass - (Stay At) Home For The Holidays producer/recording engineer
2019 Louis Karchin: Jane Eyre - Libretto by Diane Osen - Orchestra of the League of Composers horns: Sarah Cyrus, Aleks Ozolins
2017 Song of Solomon: Original Concept Recording horns: Aleks Ozolins, Eric Davis
2015 Dr. Zhivago: Original Broadway Cast Recording horn
2012 Tempesta di Mare - Fasch: Orchestral Works, Vol. 3 horns: Todd Williams, Aleks Ozolins
2010 Philharmonic Orchestra of The Americas - Mi Alma Mexicana horn
2010 Travieso Carmesi horn
2009 Stephanie White - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things keyboards, horn





Professional Services

UPDATE 2022-07-10: For the moment, as I shift my focus back towards software engineering and performing music, I'm not taking on any new recording projects. This may change in the future so please don't hesitate to ask. I'm always willing to entertain special projects or help colleagues find solutions.

Audio Editing / Production

I've produced and edited a number of recordings and work in Avid Pro Tools, although since that software is now on a subscription model, I'm looking for a good free alternate. Feel free to check out my discography for more info.

Analog to Digital Transfers

I am equipped to transfer a variety of audio/video media to digital format including:

  • Cassette Tapes
  • 7.5 and 13 Inch Reels (Reel to Reel)
  • Vinyl (any size)
  • VHS including 8mm Super8, Hi8, and Digital8
  • Photographs
  • 35mm Slides

Media can be transferred to a variety of lossless and lossy digital formats and is provided to the customer via removeable media, web transfer, or shared via cloud services. All media is backed up both on and off site and can be redistributed to the customer in perpetuity.

Only high quality transports and converters are used for transfers to ensure the preservation of the media. Physicaly damaged media can often be repaired and media that has lost audio quality over the years can be restored with a variety of methods including:

  • Noise Removal
  • Pitch Correction
  • Dynamic Compression and Correction

Pricing is in-line with industry standards and is settled on a per-project basis. email me to discuss your needs.



Here is a list of horns I own and work with. In the future, I look forward to providing some more detailed info on each here.

  • Engelbert Schmid Triple Horn in F/B/Eb (Mindelzell)
  • Alexander 103 (2018)
  • Alexander 103 (1950-60s – I'm yet to precisely date this one)
  • Alexander single F horn (date unknown – likely pre WW2)
  • Seraphinoff Halari hand horn
  • H Series Conn 8D (1968 – mint condition and unmodified)


I have a fairly large collection of French Horn mouthpieces and colleagues often ask to borrow some for trial. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to try a few.

Coming soon: A table of mouthpieces!





I'll be including some links to software projects here in the near future.



Ever wonder what I'm reading? Well, as of December 2023, I've started keeping track here. For transparency, I don't always finish every book I start, nor do I like all of the books I read! Don't hesitate to send me an email if you'd like to discuss any books below.

Work Status
Attia, P. (2023). Outlive: The science & art of longevity. Harmony Books. Completed 2023-12
Easter, M. (2021). The comfort crisis: Embrace discomfort to reclaim your wild, happy, healthy self. Rodale Books. Completed 2023-12
Willink, J. (2017). Discipline equals freedom: Field manual. Macmillan. Completed 2024-01
Storr, W. (2021). The status game: On social position and how we use it. William Collins. Reading
Haidt, J. (2024). The anxious generation: How the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness. Penguin Press. Reading




Here you'll find links to notes on various courses I've taken. I maintain these notes online to act as personal wikis, but you may find the information here useful as well. Notes here are taken in org-mode format and published via ox-publish using the read-the-org theme.



Here are the list of upcoming updates to this site:

TODO Add revert script to undo most recent deployment

TODO Solarized theme for extra pages

TODO Include some links to my software projects

TODO Change to a more attractive site theme

TODO Upload some media

TODO Disable "In this section" on mobile

DONE Change build script to eliminate htdocs dir

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DONE Add publish script to copy to server automatically

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